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 Hello Cambodia, We’re staying at the Viroth Hotel…

Siem Reap is the capital of the province Siem Reap in Cambodia. One of their most famous sites to visit is the Angkor Wat temple. Besides that, they have many more temples, museums, the Old Market and the Cambodian Cultural Village.

Explore the different options and discuss. Make us envious.


Our guide was insistent that the temples were unlike any other in the world. Well, he’s right about one thing no other temple have we explored cover 390 miles. The artwork is beautiful. We didn’t land in time to get the best photographs at sunrise but I’m happy with the ones I did get. Neva, Judy, and Sand seemedy very happy inside the temple whereas I needed to be outside more. Fresh air is good for the soul.

But I’m ready to check out the landmine museum. I don’t know much about Cambodian history so this is fascinating to me. I try to focus but my tummy is rumbling. The guide recommended the bugs at the market but I think I’ll stay with the vegetarian options. Yup, I’m whizzing out. I did take him up on the fish massage. I couldn’t stop giggling. Guess, I’m more ticklish than I knew.Wow, my feet look a newborn babies now. I feel surprising engerized going to take in a little of the pub scene before hitting the hotel.
I decided a quick dip in the pool before sleeping.
That bed looks so inviting but knowing our blog guide Lyn, (me) we’re off to another country tomorrow.

BCoF:Educate us about famous musicians from Cambodia. I’ve given you one resource, feel free to expand with more information for us. Make us want to see one of the artists.

I didn’t have any trouble opening the link but I did see Willie did.  There’s some interesting songs performed by Cambodian artists which are lovely. I liked Sinn Sisamouth because he experimented with his sounds. Melissa said, “Sinn paved the way for a modern wave of music, Sinn traded in the traditional wind instruments that accompanied Cambodian music, experimenting instead with blending Western sounds with Khmer music.” Though I don’t agree with the author of the blog link, Melissa about Sinn’s voice being equal to Nat KIng Cole. I can’t help but wonder what his musical career would have been if he hadn’t been killed under the Klmer Rouge. Artists were part of their genocidal regime. Wikipedia said Sinn’s stage presence was similar to Frank Sinatra. According to Wiki,”Many of Sinn Sisamouth’s master recordings were either destroyed by the Khmer Rouge regime in its efforts to eliminate foreign influences from Cambodian society,] or were lost due to decay. However, collectors and entrepreneurs located and reproduced copies of some of his recordings after the fall of the Khmer Rouge in 1979.

or discuss a shopping experience

Shopping Siem Reap can be as rewarding as exploring Angkor Archaeological Park’s exquisite temples—and there’s no need to wake at the crack of dawn. Siem Reap is home to craft markets, stylish boutiques, artisan workshops, and artist’s ateliers, all filled with treasures that you can take back home. They’re open well into the night for those who made it to Angkor Wat at sunrise.…

I did enjoy exploring the craft shops with Helen, I took lots of pictures much to the disappoint of the vendors. I decided to get a necklace, out of recycled trash in shades of blue and green.  I don’t wear as much as jewelry as I used to do. The style of necklace is similar to what my friend, Char makes. I wonder if she saw these markets when she was in Cambodia. The people are so energetic in their pursuit to get tourists to shop. I’m a tough sell which she soon discovered and moved onto another tourist.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, why did God invent captions?”
― David Mellonie,

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